We’re Heeeeeeerrrreeeee!

You’re welcome for the creepy Poltergeist-inspired post title!  Sorry if you now have Carol Ann’s voice running around your head.  It was very wrong of my parents to allow me to watch that movie as a child…  Of course, this has nothing to do with where “here” is.  Because “here” is Southern California!

I wish I had a super exciting, picture-studded post for you.  I don’t.  The only pictures I have are of a bored me sitting on a 767.  That’s not something to be shared!

We had a pretty uneventful trip across the U.S. last night.  A little bumpy as we descended upon the L.A. area.  And can I just say that from the sky, at night, the L.A. metro area is just incredible?  I am crazy in love with California, because it is so different from Florida.  Seeing the massive expanse of the L.A. metro area all lit up at night is simply amazing. 

After we arrived at LAX, we still had nearly an hour before In-n-Out closed.  Unfortunately, the baggage claim was super slow.  We waited forever to get our luggage.  Once we had our bags, we waited forever for an Alamo shuttle to arrive. 

I’m almost certain I saw every other car rental company’s shuttle twice before a single Alamo shuttle.  Luckily, D is a smart man and we were able to rent our car at a self-serve kiosk before many of our fellow shuttle passengers were off the shuttle.  Go D! 

We rented a silver Ford Focus, because that’s what my dad has (a black super cool one—the one we rented I quickly discovered is not super cool).  Should get good gas mileage, though. 

I’m kinda bummed because there was the most adorable little silver Fiat Cinque sitting in a compact spot.  I would’ve take the downgrade to parade around Southern California in the car I’m so in love with right now (I’m in love with the blue one, though).


Today is Big Bang Theory taping day.  The plan is for me to hit the gym.  Then we will head over to Fullerton to hit the Target up for essential grocery items.  I brought my mini-blender with me so I can have green monsters for breakfast.  We will also need some snacks and drinks for the room.  By that time, hopefully the In-n-Out across the street from Target will be open.  We will possibly hit the Disney outlet nearby as well.  Then it’s off to Burbank.  To the Warner Bros. Studios.  To Soundstage 25.  Eeeee!  Can’t wait!

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